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Biblionasium is a protected social network for children ages 6-13 designed to engage, encourage and excite young people about reading.

Packed with tools – and the power of peer and parental support – Biblionasium functions as your Literacy partner, helping you quickly and easily build and drive an effective, challenging independent reading program.

With Biblionasium you can:

Tailor reading programs to students' individual needs
Monitor student reading logs, create reading challenges, help students expand genre choices and tailor reading lists – all online and un-lose-able! Build and administer programs by group, class, grade and by individual student, regardless of reading level.
Track valuable data
Track and get Biblionasium reports on what each student is reading and at what level, using Lexile® measures provided onsite for thousands of books. Track progress of individual students, groups, classes or grades as a whole.
Keep kids’ organized in their independent reading
Biblionasium’s virtual bookshelves help kids keep track of what they’ve read, what they like, and what they plan to read.
Foster peer-to-peer support
Kids are encouraged to share book recommendations and share books, building conversation and connections around reading.
Supplement your “team”
Biblionasium mascot and reading coach Chip Manzee motivates and entertains kids, challenging them and rewarding good reading behavior. Our virtual reading rewards and recognition complement your in-class acknowledgement of a job well done.

As educators, we know that students read better when they do it consistently and as part of a community. Biblionasium provides the safe environment and support to make a real difference in building students’ independent reading.

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