Hello Friends, Welcome to Biblionasium!

“You can find magic wherever you look.

Sit back and relax all you need is a book!”

‐ Dr. Seuss

Energize Your Library and Reading Programs

Change your students from passive, isolated readers to active, self-directed and social readers.

Change your library from a quiet beautiful repository of resources, to a bubbling center hub of reading, book sharing and engagement.

Easy collaboration between classroom teachers, librarians and parents to motivate, measure and manage students’ reading.

Cultivate a Culture of Reading

“By setting the expectation that reading is what we do, always, everywhere, it becomes the heart of a class' culture. Even the most resistant readers can't fight if all of their friends comply.”
-Donalyn Miller

Why Choose Biblionasium & Destiny?

Follett is the exclusive partner of Biblionasium. The award winning community for young readers is now integrated with the Destiny® 14.0 platform. This partnership brings numerous benefits to Destiny-managed school libraries by leveraging the unique advantages of Biblionasium’s student-centric digital platform

Automatically connects your Destiny Resources to Biblionasium’s bookshelves

Brings the resources in your library to the attention of your students

Students see in real time the status of books in their school library

Students can directly access available titles in Destiny from Biblionasium

Students ADD books to “want to read” list which are reported back to librarians

Curate booklists and book recommendations based on existing resources

Some other
benefits that
brings to
Destiny users

  • Single sign-on between Biblionasium and Destiny
  • Real-time information and access of library resources through Destiny & Biblionasium
  • Ideal platform to facilitate and promote the discovery of existing school library resources for students
  • Real-time reports and data on student reading preferences and reading habits for librarians to help with collection planning
  • Actionable data for educators to guide and monitor effective student reading programs

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