Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Coach C. Manzee?

He’s got heart, enthusiasm, book smarts… and a thing for bananas. Meet the Biblionasium’s reading coach and chief motivator C. Manzee. (The C stands for Chip; we just call him Coach C. Manzee around here.)

This guy is ra-ra-ra! about reading, always there to cheer you on. Coach Manzee can help you find what you’re looking for on the site; suggest fun activities; offer insider tips; reward your reading achievements and encourage you to be your absolute best.

He’ll see YOU in the Biblionasium!

For Kids

Why do I have to ask my parents to sign me up for Biblionasium?

Just like you need a permission slip to go on a school field trip, we need your parent's permission for you to start connecting to your friends, playing games and earning rewards. If your parents haven't signed you up yet, send them an email about it now!

How can I find my friends on Biblionasium?

To search for your friends, you need to get their secret username and search for it from the friends page. So next time you’re hanging out with your BFFs, get their usernames and tell them yours! And if your friends still haven’t joined, send them a message letting them know about Biblionasium!

Can I log a comic book, magazine or blog site to my reading log?

Sure; no problem!  Anything you’re reading counts towards the goals and challenges on Biblionasium.  This includes blogs on the internet, newspapers, comic books, magazines, and any other reading material.

Can I count a book I read awhile ago?

Way to go on always having an interest in reading! Unfortunately, you can only count books you have read since you joined Biblionasium towards any rewards or challenges. This helps us keep Biblionasium fair and fun for everyone!

How does your website know that I finished a reading challenge?

You have to log the book in the reading log and select "finished". It will automatically update your progress bar.

How do I log a book? The book doesn’t show up on the log list?

You have to first add the book to your Bookshelf (from MY BOOKS) before you can log them. BTW...If you mark a book as "I have read it" on your Book Shelf, and then the book will NOT be on the Reading Log drop down list.

How do I keep track of my challenge books?

  1. Add the books to your Bookshelf (MY BOOKS)
  2. Log your reading in your READING LOG
  3. When you are finished with the book, select “Finished” from the Log and the name of the Challenges it was for.
  4. Your progress will automatically show up in your challenge page.

What if I forgot my username or password?

You can ask your parent or the grownup that signed you in. They just need to check on their website in the Settings menu.

For Parents

What is Biblionasium?

Biblionasium is the fun, reading-focused social network for kids ages 6-13. Connecting kids in an encouraging community of friends, family and their educators, Biblionasium excites, engages and encourages a love of the written word. Kids can log their reading, play games, complete reading challenges and earn rewards within a safe social network built especially for them.

Why can't my child sign themselves up for Biblionasium?

Your child’s safety online is a top concern.  The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a piece of legislation passed on April 21, 2000 to help keep children safe on the Internet.  In compliance with COPPA, Biblionasium does not allow children 13 years of age or younger to have an account until a parent, legal guardian or an educator creates one for them.  We ask for the date of birth of all users to help ensure that they meet the age criteria of COPPA and our site. To find out more about COPPA, please visit

Once I sign my child up for Biblionasium, do I have the option of later removing that account?

While we’d hate to see you go, you’ll always have the option to remove yourself and your child from the Biblionasium community.  When you delete an account, all of the information is erased from our system.  To come back to the community after you have deleted an account, you will need to re-register.

Who will see my child's information?

Only approved friends and your child’s registered educator can see your child’s name and school.  Other signed-in users can see your child’s anonymous username, books, and other non-personal information.  People who are not signed in to Biblionasium are unable to see any information on the site. No users can see your information or that of your child without your authorization.

Why shouldn't I use my child's real name as their username?

The anonymous username is one of the ways we keep your child’s identity safe on Biblionasium.  The only people who know the kid behind the username are those who know your child personally; friends connect with your child via personal invitation.

How safe is Biblionasium?

Biblionasium has taken aggressive measures to keep your information safe. Our data is stored on secure servers and we use all industry standards to protect against hacking.

For Teachers/Librarians/Educators

What can Biblionasium do for educators?

Biblionasium is a fun and engaging reading community that will help you connect to your students outside of the classroom.  You can setup your favorite books and recommended lists on virtual bookshelves that will be available to your students at all times. Students can email you their reading logs instead of handing them in on paper; you can set up fun challenges and rewards that will help encourage your students to keep reading, and you can set up a reading list that the students won’t lose. It brings children together and gives them a chance to easily recommend books to each other.

What kind of information can I see?

You can see the virtual bookshelves of your students which, among other things, hold a record of their favorite books. You are able to see their reading history and can track their progress. We provide information on the Reading Level of the books they are reading and help you assess if they are regularly reading at, below, or above their comprehension level. In summary, we provide you with information and tools to effectively and efficiently manage your students' reading curriculum.

Why can only adults sign up kids on Biblionasium?

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a piece of legislation passed on April 21, 2000 to help keep children safe on the Internet. In compliance with COPPA, Biblionasium does not allow children 13 years of age or younger to have an account until their parent or legal guardian creates one for them. Registered Educators may act in the place of parents to sign up a child.

How will Biblionasium cater to my students' wide range of reading levels?

With our Challenges feature, you can select which students you would like to add to a reading challenge and select books for them on an individual and/or group basis. You can also easily monitor their reading progress.

Are there any games on the site?

We have a link to some popular online educational word games.