For Kids

If you want to have fun reading with your friends, this is the place! Biblionasium is the first-ever social network for kids ages 6 – 13.

Connect with your friends – and with great books – right here. Why is Biblionasium totally cool?

  • You get your very own virtual bookshelf, where you can keep track of what you’ve read, and what you want to read
  • It’s easy to share book recommendations with friends. Plus, you can get your friends to suggest books you’ll like
  • Your reading logs are kept safe online; no more pieces of paper to keep track of
  • Biblionasium coach (and our favorite chimp) C. Manzee is here to help you and your friends become reading champs
  • You can win awards and gift certificates by just reading what you love to read

Tell your parent now to sign you up!