Group Management

What is the role of the Supervisor in setting up Groups for this integration?

Supervisors control the Administration of UserIDs, Passwords and Group Assignments. There can only be only ONE Supervisor per School site.

How can we manage GROUP assignments?

There are two ways to manage Group assignments. They can be managed from Destiny or from Biblionasium.

By default, Student Group Assignments are determined by their Homeroom assignments in Destiny. Teachers are also assigned to one Homeroom, as designated in Destiny. This is an efficient way to quickly pull the data over and establish the groups. If you need to later change Homeroom assignments, you can change then in Destiny, and synchronize the data again, and it will be updated in Biblionasium as well.

An alternative way to manage Groups is from Biblionasium. You have to first synchronize the data from Destiny, and the Students and the Educators will be setup in Groups based on their Destiny assignments. But once the users and their homeroom groups are transferred to Biblionasium, the Supervisor has the flexibility to manage subsequent changes from Biblionasium.

When do we manage groups from Destiny and when do we manage them from Biblionasium?

Supervisors have the flexibility in how a school's groups are managed.

Use Destiny if ALL conditions apply

  • Students are assigned Homeroom teachers in Destiny
  • You only need to assign one teacher per group

Use Biblionasium if ANY of the conditions apply

  • Students are not assigned Homeroom teachers in Destiny
  • You want to assign more than one teacher per group

Tip: The default setting is for Groups to be managed from Destiny. The Supervisor can select to change and to Manage Groups from Biblionasium. To change how groups are managed, Supervisor should go to the SETTINGS menu in Biblionasium.

How are Student and Educators Group memberships assigned?

When you first Synchronize the data, Students are assigned to groups in Biblionasium, based their Homerooms in Destiny. Please note that Destiny Homerooms must also have a Teacher assigned as a Supervisor for the Homeroom, to be considered a valid Homeroom. If Students do not have a Homeroom or if a Teacher is not assigned as a Supervisor for that Homeroom, then all Students are transferred to the default group, which is the Librarian's/Supervisor's Group.

If Groups are managed from Destiny, the group membership in Biblionasium will always reflect the Homeroom assignment in Destiny.

If Groups are managed from Biblionasium, you can move students to different groups from the MY GROUPS management dashboard in Biblionasium.

What happens to my Student assignments if I update or make a change in Destiny but my Groups are managed from Biblionasium?

When ever you ADD or DELETE a user in Destiny and synchronize your data with Biblionasium, the user Roster is updated. However if you are managing your Groups from Biblionasium, any Homeroom assignment changes, are not reflected as part of the Synchronization. Students and Educators will be transferred to the default Librarian group and you can then move them to any Group from the Biblionasium Group Management option.

Can we go back to managing Groups from Destiny?

Yes, the Supervisor can select to have your Groups managed from Destiny again. Typically they would use this feature at the beginning of a new School year when they want to re-assign students to new homerooms that were setup in Destiny.

Please note: If you select to go back to managing groups from Destiny, after making group assignment changes in Biblionasium, those assignments will be reset back to their Destiny default.

Is there a limit to the number of groups or number of students that a Destiny Educator can setup?

There is no limit but we recommend that you keep any given group to under 100 students. Ideally, students should belong their classroom group, or to a grade-wide group, or be part of a group based on their interest or reading level. We do not recommend that you create one large group for an entire school.

How do we CREATE New Groups

If you are managing Groups from Destiny, a new Group is automatically created in Biblionasium whenever you create a Homeroom, add an Educator/Supervisor to that Homeroom and designate them as the “Homeroom teacher” for at least one student. You need to Synchronize the data, and the new Group will be created in Biblionasium.

If you are managing Groups from Biblionasium, go to MY GROUPS and ADD a GROUP. Once a GROUP is created, you can MOVE students to that GROUP.

How do we MOVE students to a Group

If you are managing Groups from Destiny, you can move students by changing their Homeroom teacher assignment in Desiny and then selecting to Synchronize your data with Biblionasium. 

If you are managing Groups from Biblionasium, you can MOVE students from the Group Management option in Biblionasium.

How do we ADD more Educators to a Group

You can ADD more than one Educator to a group, only if you are managing Groups from Biblionasium. From Biblionasium, select the MY GROUPS, select the GROUP NAME, go to the Group Roster TAB and ADD Educator.

Can Prior Group Information be moved over to the Destiny linked version?

We are working on this feature and it should be available by the end of November 2016.