Chip Manzee:
In The Beginning

Remember the year the Chimp Olympics came to town? Neither do we. But Chip does. He was the coach to some of the best Chimp athletes ever. He loved to motivate and get his team excited about whatever event they were competing in. But it was during nap time (yes, even athletes need their naps) that Chip would stay awake and read books about famous athletes from the past.

He would lose himself in these amazing stories of courage, strength and determination.

Chip loved to read and he loved to coach. That’s when it hit him. Why not do both?!

And so Biblionasium was born.

Chip’s plan of action was to invite young readers from all over the world to gather together to read some of his favorite books. And because he was such a great coach, he was able to inspire new readers by helping them to set goals and stay dedicated until they reached “the end”. Chip would say, “Just like playing sports, reading takes practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.” And as much as the kid’s loved reading new books, they also loved earning Reading Ribbon Awards and Reading Trophies for their achievements.

Before long, Chip’s team of readers was recommending books to all of their friends and inviting them to share their thoughts and recommendations at the Biblionasium

And like the coach always says, “The best thing about finishing a great book is starting a new one!”