Destiny User General Information

How can our school use the linked version of Destiny & Biblionasium?

You need a subscription to the linked version of the platforms and the upgrade to Destiny Discover 14.0. Please contact your Destiny Rep or email us to see how your school can sign up.

Is there a price for the integrated version of Destiny & Biblionasium?

There is a nominal fee for the integrated version of Destiny with Biblionasium. Your school might also be eligible for further multi-site discounted rates. Please email us for information.

We are a Destiny School but we don't have the integrated version of Destiny/Biblionasium yet. Can we still use the stand-alone version of Biblionasium with our Students?

Absolutely. You can register directly to use the stand-alone version of Biblionasium right away. You can then migrate your students over to the linked version, once your subscription is activated. You can use the same UserIDs and passwords, you use for Destiny, to setup your Biblionasium accounts. When you link the platforms, users will be given the option to merge any existing Biblionasium account with their new Destiny account.

What is the difference between the stand-alone Biblionasium and the integrated version of Biblionasium with Destiny

There are 4 main differences between the two platforms:

  1. Single sign-on between the two systems. Your Students and Educators will be automatically signed into Biblionasium with their Destiny UserIDs and passwords. No Support Center – Destiny User Help Desk- General Information need to manage two sets of UserIDs and passwords and no need for your Students and Educators to sign into two platforms.
  2. Your School Library Catalog will be connected and integrated with Biblionasium. All Search results and all users (Students AND Teachers) bookshelves will include real time information regarding the status of any book in your School Library.
  3. Direct link from Title pages in Biblionasium to Title pages in Destiny Catalog. For any title available in your Library, there will be link from Biblionasium to the corresponding title page in your School Destiny catalog. Students and Educators can then perform any library function available to them (Check Out, Put on Hold).
  4. Real-time Reports and Actionable Data. You will not only have access to real time REPORTS regarding your students' favorite books, titles on their wish lists, recommended books (and much more) but your reports will include information regarding which titles exist in your library and which titles are not in your collection. These reports provide powerful information to help you in your collection planning and also designing effective reading programs for your students.
How is our Destiny Library Catalog connected to Biblionasium?

When you subscribe to the integrated version of Destiny & Biblionasium, your School Library Catalog will be automatically linked to all your users' Biblionasium accounts. The titles in your library will be tagged and visible in all Search Results and in all Bookshelves.

Users will be able to see which titles exist in the School Library and their status. Books will be tagged with icons that display if a title is IN, OUT or PRESENT in the library.

For titles that exist in the School Library Catalog, users can link directly from the title page in Biblionasium to the title page to Destiny.

All Reports include information regarding the status of books in your School Library.

What kind of reports are available?

As the Educator, you can easily run reports with information for a group or groups, a student or groups of students, and for any time frame. All Reports can be Viewed and Exported to Excel. Reports are linked to your School Library Catalog and will show you the real-time status of the titles in your catalog, including which titles are available and which titles are missing from your existing collection.

Reports include data on student

  • Wish Lists
  • Favorite Lists
  • Most Popular Books
  • Most Recommended Books
  • Highest Rated Books
  • Most Reviewed Books
  • Reading Challenges

You can also run reports for individual students that include information on the

  • Reading preferences
  • Reading logs
  • Book reviews
  • Reading Challenges
Is there a Biblionasium APP?

Biblionasium is Mobile compatible and all the features and functions are available on Mobile devices. Go to your Mobile device and access Biblionasium from the browser. You will be given the option to ADD the Biblionasium icon to your device.